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As you all know, with the advent of apple’s iPhone, the whole industry has shifted its focus to touch UIs. Nokia being one of the biggest players in this space is fairly living up with the competition. First the Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic and then the show-stopping Nokia N97 annoucements, Nokia has certainly attracted the industry eyeballs in the touch UI space.

Now look at this new phone (name not know yet) which showed up in one of the slides from Nokia’s Capital Markets Day. This is truely something which I would like to own without knowing the features. From the UI itself I see that Nokia is planning for an unified widget framework (look at the weather and the livescore widgets) . Unlike the N97 UI this looks way too different from a typical s60 UI.

Download the whole slide deck of the Nokia Capital Market Day

Nokia N97 Unveiled

Nokia officially took the curtains off its mystery Smartphone with large (640 x 360 pixels) touch screen today at the Nokia World 2008 Conference in Barcelona, Spain.
Other key features to highlight:

  • QWERTY keyboard.
  • The home screen has been completely revamped to allow you to manage widgets (much like the Nseries Internet Tablets) for social networks, news, and more.
  • The N97 introduces the concept of social location (so-lo). Using the GPS receiver and integrated compass the N97 has the capability to always know where it is located and with social networking integration it can broadcast that position to authorized friends and family.
  • 32GB of built-in memory.
  • The device itself has only one button on the front panel.

Nokia press release: Desktop. Laptop. Pocket

Demo Video:

Watch this video and you can see what goes into testing a Nokia device before it reaches us. These are official videos filmed by Nokia, of the extensive stress testing processes that all handsets undergo, inside Nokia HQ.

Nigel Clifford, CEO of Symbian, speaks with Bloomberg news at Mobile World Congress about Symbian’s announcement of the 53% jump in Symbian based mobile phone shipments.

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