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What do you do when you see people ignoring your hot dog stall and going to another stall [psst…where you can change the size of your hotdog with just a pinch :)]. You see that everything in that stall just sells! You become friendlier with the other stall and try to sell your stuff from the other stall. This is in a way good for the customers as they get some more variety under the same stall but at the same time..hmmm yeah at the same time they also now know that the neighbouring stall might have someting good and the next time they visit this place, they would check out both the stalls…. Well lot of story telling. Actually, what I was refferring to is that, Microsoft has released its first App for iPhone – Seadragon Mobile. Seadragon basically allows you to zoom into high res pics. Pretty cool tech concept. Though this app is not much of an use, its worthwhile to check how zoom in and out works. Browse large quantities of high-resolution imagery smoothly and quickly with a flick or a pinch. Explore massive galaxies, pore over maps, or flip through collections of photographs, all over the air. You can also add your own photos or browse those already available on

You may ask…what is seadragon?? Check this out:

According to a new report, Microsoft is ready to take the smartphone set by the scruff of the neck and its hiring some muscle from NVIDIA to help bully the competition.

A post on the inquirer reads “WHAT DO YOU get if you take an Iphone, remove the clean UI, user friendliness, nice industrial design, battery life, cachet, functional OS, and in general everything else that makes it worthwhile? The new Microsoft phone, powered by Nvidia.

Though, I dont think the phone would be like this but, here is a video that was posted some 18 months back on you tube – The microsoft oPhone

Ewan Spence, from AllAboutSymbian, is attending MIX08 and managed to get a few minutes with Brad Becker, who is the Group Project Manager for the User Experience Platform and Tools Marketing Group at Microsoft for a nice chat about Silverlight, which we announced earlier last week as coming to Nokia’s product lines, including their Symbian S60 handsets.

Notice Brad’s statements that there won’t be a ‘Silverlight Lite’ for mobile devices (may be he wanted to say “…like Adobe’s Flash Lite”). It will be the same for all, though applications will likely need to be recompiled for mobiles. As Brad points out, this works good because developers will be able to take the guts of their application and tweak it specially for the mobile.

Windows Mobile 7 will dramatically change the way we use mobile devices. It will emphasize the use of touch on the device, as well as motion gestures created by using the device. It is, absolutely, Microsoft’s effort to beat back the iPhone, and the iPhone is referenced several times in the document. Read the more than 3000 words article here