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1)  Flash Lite has Shipped on Over Half a Billion Device – It was only a few years ago that Adobe was passing the 20 million unit shipped milestone and the 100 million mark was a much desirable number to reach but, its 500 million my friend. Its a very very impressive number. Flash Lite shipments have experienced 150% year over year growth and are now delivered on devices from every major handset manufacturer worldwide including Nokia, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and many others.

2) Microsoft Licenses Flash Lite 3 and Reader LE for Windows Mobile – Along with this, Adobe also announced that Microsoft has licensed both Flash Lite 3 and Reader LE for inclusion in Windows Mobile devices world wide. Under the terms of this agreement, Windows Mobile OEM’s will ship both Flash Lite 3 and Reader LE with their products world wide.  This is an important win for Adobe and for our developer community and is one more agreement that validates the demand for our technologies in the market.

Read A Developer’s Perspective of this announcement in one of my most respected colleague – Bill Perry’s blog

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A new bookmarklet called iTransmogrify promises a solution for the problem with iPhone’s Safari browser where you can’t see embedded Flash – for example, if someone’s embedded a YouTube video in their blog. It also means you can’t use some Music 2.0 services which use Flash streaming to deliver music. Coded by a chap called Joe Maller, iTransmogrify basically converts embedded Flash content into native iPhone formats. He’s making it work with various sites and formats as he goes along, with users queuing up with requests on his own site. It’s certainly an impressive bit of development work, and shown off in the video above.

See the Video Demo and read More on the iTransmogrify website.


Here is a video demo of a FlashLite 3.0 application called YouTube Mobile. This is a standalone application and is capable of playing youtube videos.

The user can search videos by:

  • Keyword
  • Top Rated – Today, This Week, This Month, All Time
  • Top Favorites
  • Most Viewed – Today, This Week, This Month, All Time
  • Recently Featured

The Search results are displayed with thumbnails and displays 5 results at a time. The right and the left arrow keys lets the user go to the next and the previous 5 results of the searched videos. The Video Player displays the Author of the video, Ratings, Views. The user can pause/play the video, rewind it and see the buffer and the playing status of the video. The video can also be seen in full screen mode.

The demo video has some audio problems

In a recent survey by Strategy Analytics. There was a pretty exhaustive analysis done for the Flash-enabled handsets. The summary of this report says “Adobe’s Flash Lite technology has taken off rapidly in the last 18 months. Cumulatively, over 301 million FL devices, of which over 90% are cellphones, have been shipped since 2003. The base continues to strengthen in Japan, but in 2008 we will see shipments of Flash Lite-enabled cellphones in the rest of the Asia Pacific region and Western Europe exceed shipments in Japan for the first time since the launch of Flash Lite. A further 1.4 billion FL-enabled phones are expected to be shipped globally over the next three years alone, at which point over 46% of phones shipped are likely to support Flash Lite. This report gives a global forecast of the market for Flash Lite-enabled phones with detailed analysis of 23 countries, and splits by Flash Lite version, air interface and network operator.” Since this forecast analysis document is pretty huge so here is PDF which has some helpful data extracted from the same report which gives a Forecast by Region, Country and Version for Installed Base of Flash Lite Devices.


While exploring some old directories, I found this application, which I made last year.


I am putting it for download here as I feel that it is a very useful application and I had received a lot of positive feedback for this. Sorry for not having a installer but, here are some basic instructions for using this app.


  • Put the Mobilaid.swf and the two xml files – part1.xml and part2.xml in the same directory.
  • Launch Mobilaid.swf
  • Uses Mobile shared objects.
  • Uses the SMS editor of the device and can initiate calls.
  • No GPRS or internet connections required.

Screen Resolution: 176×208 | Tested on Nokia N70 | FlashLite 2.1 Application

I hope you find it useful. Feel free to drop your queries/comments/feedback to this post.


Via Alessandro and AllAboutSymbian, There is a pretty interesting news of Flash Lite 3 being a part of the firmware as standalone, screensaver and browser implementation (animated ringtones missing) for Nokia N95 8GB. Read the full discussion


The most interesting part which I liked was “YouTube videos can be viewed in the browser. Clicking on a Flash Lite (e.g. YouTube video player) element fits it to full screen for optimal viewing.” I think that is awesome as I personally thought web browsing experience especially for Flash content is not that great when it comes to small screen viewing. But, something like this is definitely a step forward in the battle of bringing the desktop experience on to the small screen.

On another note, this is a pretty unique and a bold step by Nokia as upgrading the runtime with a firmware was not tried before.

FlashLite and N95 Accelerometer APIs

Watch this video. FlashLite can also do this with the help of N95 Accelerometer APIs

This is a small Demo of “THE NO-TOUCH” done with FlashLite and Nokia N95 Accelerometer APIs. I (Debashish Paul) have made the iPhone’s DJ mode simulation in Flash and Abhijit Kedia and Ganesh Palwe did the actual work of sending N95 Accelerometer notifications to FlashLite