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On touch devices web browsing is cool. But, when you have lots of links and buttons in a small area, it becomes hard to tap at the right place unless you zoom the page in. Opera labs have come up with this nice and simple idea which surely is a great usability booster when it comes to mobile web browsing.

Check this:

I am prety sure that most of you would have or are using Google’s chrome. Even I installed it the next day of its release but, alas! I had to uninstall it within a week and go back to my favorite Mozilla firefox. Now this new analysis on the PC World testifies to the decision of my uninstalling the chrome. Google being the undisputed choice for millions of internet users, the expectations from chrome were huge and quite sadly Google could’nt keep upto the expectations at all. I wish they come up with much better Chrome in the future releases. At least all that was announced should be visible

Just imagine yourself working without a mouse. The mouse is an integral piece of hardware in regular computing. It celebrates its 40th anniversary today. There is a nice article on BBC about this and it has the video of  first ever computer mouse demo by Doug Engelbart in 1968. definitely a must watch.

A great resource at Flashbulb Interactive for Envisioning Powerful, Engaging, and Productive User Experiences in Knowledge Work

The Idea Categories discussed are:

A. Exploring work mediation and determining scope (9)
B. Defining interaction objects (10)
C. Establishing an application framework (10)
D. Considering workers’ attentions (7)
E. Providing opportunities to offload effort (6)
F. Enhancing information representation (11)
G. Clarifying central interactions (7)
H. Supporting outcome exploration and cognitive tracing (4)
I. Working with volumes of information (7)
J. Facilitating communication (7)
K. Promoting integration into work practice (13)
L. Pursuing aesthetic refinement (5)
M. Planning connection with use (4)

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