Bharti Telesoft, an arm of the Bharti Enterprise, is offering its proprietary technology to GSM mobile service providers and expects to have half-a-million subscribers watch TV on mobiles within six months of starting the service in May. It may not be the best way to watch a Bollywood flick or a 30-minute saas-bahu sitcom on a small two-inch LCD colour display. But great for news clips, weather forecasts, stock quotes and the like.
To access the service, subscribers need a GPRS activated handset (less than 20 million out of a total of 140 million subscribers in India have activated their GPRS service). Users download the Live TV client to their mobile phone via a GPRS connection. Telesoft’s solution provides additional modules like OTA (over the air) server to automatically push the TV client to the subscriber’s handset.
With the client on their handsets subscribers simply scroll through a menu to select a channel they want to watch. The company reckons that a bouquet of mobile TV channels could be made available for Rs 25 to Rs 50 per month.

Source: The Economic Times