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A great resource at Flashbulb Interactive for Envisioning Powerful, Engaging, and Productive User Experiences in Knowledge Work

The Idea Categories discussed are:

A. Exploring work mediation and determining scope (9)
B. Defining interaction objects (10)
C. Establishing an application framework (10)
D. Considering workers’ attentions (7)
E. Providing opportunities to offload effort (6)
F. Enhancing information representation (11)
G. Clarifying central interactions (7)
H. Supporting outcome exploration and cognitive tracing (4)
I. Working with volumes of information (7)
J. Facilitating communication (7)
K. Promoting integration into work practice (13)
L. Pursuing aesthetic refinement (5)
M. Planning connection with use (4)

You would also get two pdf files for download.

Download Printable Book


Download “Idea Cards”
Great resource indeed


According to a new report, Microsoft is ready to take the smartphone set by the scruff of the neck and its hiring some muscle from NVIDIA to help bully the competition.

A post on the inquirer reads “WHAT DO YOU get if you take an Iphone, remove the clean UI, user friendliness, nice industrial design, battery life, cachet, functional OS, and in general everything else that makes it worthwhile? The new Microsoft phone, powered by Nvidia.

Though, I dont think the phone would be like this but, here is a video that was posted some 18 months back on you tube – The microsoft oPhone

Have you heard of Alchemy?

Well Alchemy is a web-application tool, that enables developers to reuse hundreds of millions of lines of existing open source C and C++ client or server-side code on the Flash Platform. This was demoed in the MAX general session last week. They initially showed a few libraries (such as OpenSSL) compiled to run on the Flash Player, then they showed image manipulation and audio playback (Ogg Vorbis) running in the Flash Player. Finally they showed Quake(!) and a 6502 console emulator running Super Mario…

I think this is a breakthrough for the Flash Platform because it brings a large amount of pre-existing software to the Flash Platform. I have also heard that the compiled code runs asynchronously and that means that the long-processing C/C++ code can run independently as flash player updates its UI or renders objects.

How does Alchemy work?

Alchemy works by converting LLVM bytecode to ActionScript 3.0 (AS3) source through an Adobe-authored LLVM back-end. This AS3 source is then compiled using a special version of the ActionScript Compiler to ActionScript bytecode (ABC). This ABC output is then bundled into either a SWF or a SWC depending on your compile options. The resulting SWFs can be executed using Flash Player or bundled into an AIR app. The resulting SWCs can be built into a larger Flash, Flex or AIR application just like any other SWC.

For more Alchemy FAQs:

The post at Automatastudious:

Vlingo has recently launched a new beta giving BlackBerry smart phone users control over mobile information and tasks with the power of their voice. Currently available on the BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, & 88xx series. Over the next few quarters they are planning to add support for Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Palm devices over time, on separate schedules.

Vlingo works on client server technology. Find the Vlingo white paper for more details.

Here is what Vlingo can do:

  • Send and reply to emails and text messages
  • Search the Web
  • Dial the phone
  • Look up contacts
  • Send a “note to self”
  • Voice updates to Facebook & Twitter status updates
  • Tell A Friend
  • Read-back of the full text or email message that was spoken
  • The ability to launch built in programs:
    • Address Book
    • Alarm
    • BrickBreaker
    • Calculator
    • Calendar
    • Camera
    • Maps
    • Media
    • MemoPad
    • Messages
    • Options
    • Tasks
  • The ability to launch third party programs:
    • Facebook
    • Google Maps
    • Opera
    • Viigo

Have a look at the demos:

Vlingo seems to be sister company for Yahoo Mobile Onesearch.

from the post “A Taiwanese research institute on Friday revealed a folding display on a smartphone that allowed its screen to double in size to 5-inches.

The mock-up smartphone, developed to showcase the screen, is styled like other smartphones and opens like a book turned on its side so when open the display is on the top half and the bottom half is the keyboard.

Read More…

Here is a concept phone called the Glass Phone, by Yanko Design . I dont know if this will ever come to reality till we are alive, but this definitely proves that thoughts are centuries ahead of the facts. Watch this picture below… Isn’t this tempting!?

Watch this video and you can see what goes into testing a Nokia device before it reaches us. These are official videos filmed by Nokia, of the extensive stress testing processes that all handsets undergo, inside Nokia HQ.

Here are the preview videos of Project Nitro presented in the sneak peeks of Adobe Max 2008 by Matt Snow of Adobe.

Project Nitro Part:1

Project Nitro Part:2

Here is a pretty exhaustive list of links, on what writers, publishes, media houses and bloggers saw and thought about Adobe Max 2008’s Mobile announcements and activities. Its a huge list of more than 100 links. Take your time and pick and read your favorite topic. Pardon me if few links appear to be broken.

PC World; Washington Post
Enough Already Apple: Bring Flash to the iPhone
By Brennon Slattery

Wall Street Journal
Adobe Flash: Still not on the iPhone
By Ben Worthen

Why Apple Won’t Allow Adobe Flash on iPhone
By Brian Chen

No Flash for the iPhone, does it matter?
By Brian Kraemer

Flash and AIR coming to ARM, but not necessarily iPhone
By David Chartier

The Independent UK
Cyberclinic: Flash! King of the impossible?

Iphone Remains Left Out as Android Scores Flash
By Judy Mottl

Adobe Flash Not to Appear on iPhone
By Kunal Gnagar

ChannelWeb, November 18, 2008
No Flash For The iPhone, Does It Matter?
By Brian Kraemer

CNET, November 17, 2008
Adobe bringing full-fledged Flash to phones
By Stephen Shankland

CNET, November 16, 2008
Adobe wants to bridge gap between PCs and cloud
By Stephen Shankland

CNET News, November 17, 2008
CNET News Daily Podcast: Adobe’s strategy on computer constellation
Audio Commentary by Charles Cooper and Stephen Shankland

EE Times, November 16, 2008
Firms to optimize Adobe Flash for ARM-based devices
By Dylan McGrath

EE Times, November 18, 2008
Video: Qualcomm’s dev kit for Brew Mobile Platform
By Dylan McGrath

eWEEK, November 17, 2008
Adobe, ARM Team to Boost Flash and AIR for ARM-Powered Devices
By Darryl Taft

eWeek, November 18, 2008
Adobe Bringing Flash Player 10 to Smart Phones
By Darryl Taft

The Independent, November 18, 2008
Cyberclinic: Flash! King of the impossible?
By Rhodri Marsden

InformationWeek, November 17, 2008
Adobe Bringing Flash To Smartphones With ARM Chips
By Marin Perez

InformationWeek, November 17, 2008
Adobe Positions Flash For Multiple Devices
By Thomas Claburn

InfoWorld, November 17, 2008
Adobe taps ARM, Qualcomm for mobile Flash
By Paul Krill

InternetNews, November 17, 2008
iPhone Remains Left Out as Android Scores Flash
By Judy Mottl

MacWorld, November 17, 2008
Adobe strikes deal to bring Flash, AIR to ARM devices
By Dan Moren

MIT Technology Review, November 16, 2008
Expanding the Mobile Web
By Kate Greene

MocoNews, November 17, 2008
Adobe And ARM Bringing Flash To Mobile Devices
By Dianne See Morrison

PC Magazine, November 16, 2008
Adobe to Port Flash to ARM-Based Devices
By Sascha Segan

PC World, November 18, 2008
Enough Already Apple: Bring Flash to the iPhone
By Brennon Slattery

Portable Design, November 17, 2008
Flash Player 10 and Adobe AIR for ARM-Powered Devices
By John Donovan

RCRWireless, November 17, 2008
Qualcomm SDK includes support for Flash, Web
By Phil Carson

The Register, November 16, 2008
Adobe rallies Flash and AIR mobile partners
By Gavin Clarke

The Register, November 17, 2008
Microsoft crashes Adobe RIA party
By Gavin Clarke

Reuters, November 17, 2008
ARM, Adobe collaborate on mobile Web browsing
By Georgina Prodhan

SD Times, November 17, 2008
Adobe plans to move its software onto ARM hardware
By David Worthington

Wall Street Journal, November 17, 2008
Adobe Flash: Still Not On the iPhone
By Ben Worthen

Wired, November 17, 2008
Why Apple Won’t Allow Adobe Flash on iPhone
By Brian Chen

Wireless Week, November 17, 2008
Adobe Cites Flash Mobile Progress
By Monica Alleven


Australian Personal Computer, November 16, 2008
Adobe explains: Why there’s no Flash on iPhone or BlackBerry
By Angus Kidman

ChannelTimes, November 17, 2008
Adobe, ARM Announce Technology Collaboration
By Channel Times Staff

DigiTimes, November 18, 2008
ARM announces Adobe Flash 10 support
By Michael McManus

ElectricPig, November 18, 2008
Adobe shows off fully-working Flash for Android phones
By James Holland

Fierce Developer, November 18, 2008
Google demos Adobe Flash tech on Android
By Jason Ankeny

The Inquirer, November 18, 2008
ARM and Adobe join up
By Paul Taylor

IT Examiner, November 16, 2008
Adobe and ARM bring Flash to everything
By Jon Oram

IT Examiner, November 18, 2008
Adobe announces new tools
By John Oram

ITWire, November 18, 2008
Adobe to introduce Flash Player for 64-bit and mobile systems
By Hamish Taylor

Phones Review, November 17, 2008
Apple iPhone will get Adobe Flash, But unlikely for RIM BlackBerry
By N/A

Phones Review, November 18, 2008
Adobe Flash demonstrated on G1 at Adobe MAX
By N/A

PLG Design Line, November 17, 2008
Adobe and ARM accelerate Flash and AIR
By Clive Maxfield

Pocket Gamer, November 18, 2008
Opinion: Why the significance of the Brew Mobile Platform is more than the Brew Mobile Platform
By Jon Jordan

Rethink Wireless, November 18, 2008
Adobe promises fully blown Flash and AIR for mobile
By N/A

T3, November 17, 2008
Flash heads to Android handsets

TechSpot, November 18, 2008
Flash 10 coming to smartphones
By Jose Vilches

TG Daily, November 16, 2008
ARM chips to run Adobe Flash 10 and AIR
By Wolfgang Gruener

TMCnet, November 17, 2008
Qualcomm Releases Software Development Kit for Brew Mobile Platform

TMCnet, November 18, 2008
Qualcomm’s gets off the UMB sidetrack and embraces LTE
By Carl Ford

DailyTech, November 18, 2008
Flash Coming Soon to RIM, Nokia, and G1; Apple Remains Unconvinced
By Jason Mick

Digital Trends, November 17, 2008
Adobe Takes Up ARM for Flash

eFluxMedia, November 17, 2008
Adobe Presents Its New Products
By Christian Coley

eFluxMedia, November 17, 2008
Adobe, ARM To Bring Rich Internet Apps To Mobile Devices
By Dee Chisamera

eFluxMedia, November 18, 2008
Adobe Prepares Significant Upgrade To Its Flash Tools
By Michael Todd

eFluxMedia, November 18, 2008
Apple Is Still Reluctant Towards Adobe’s Flash
By Irene Collins

InfoSync, November 17, 2008
Adobe Flash 10 support for smartphones in late 2009

The iPhone Blog, November 18, 2008
Flash ARMed to the MAX? Could the iPhone be Next?
By Rene Ritchie

iPhoneMatters, November 18, 2008
Flash still not available for iPhone. Why? Because of Flash apps
By Chris Seibold

ITPro, November 17, 2008
Flash support coming to Windows Mobile
By Benny Har-Even

IT Pro Portal, November 18, 2008
Adobe’s Set To Launch Full Flash 10 On Mobile
By Desire Athow

IT Pro Portal, November 17, 2008
ARM Cosies Up With Adobe, Announces Second Partnership in 24 hours
By Desire Athow

LinuxDevices, November 17, 2008
Adobe unleashes 64-bit Flash
By N/A

MacRumors, November 17, 2008
By Arnold Kim
Adobe and ARM Partner to Bring Flash to ARM-based Mobiles (Like the iPhone?)

Mobile Entertainment, November 17, 2008
Qualcomm releases new-look BREW SDK, November 17, 2008
Abobe to Offer Core Flash for ARM Processors in Mobile Phones
By Bill Waters

Personal Computer World, November 17, 2008
Flash optimised for ARM cores
By Clive Akass

PhoneNews, November 17, 2008
Qualcomm Launches BREW SDK, Joins Open Screen Project
By Humberto Saabedra

Pocket Lint, November 18, 2008
Smartphones to get full Adobe Flash
By Katie Scott

Sci-Tech Today, November 17, 2007
Adobe Will Launch Upgrades To Flash Platform
By Mark Long

SiliconFenBusinessReport, November 18, 2008
ARM, Adobe partner to boost Internet Apps; awards for CamSemi, Amino
By N/A

TechNewsWorld, November 17, 2008
Adobe Promises Flash-ier Smartphones by 2009
By Renay San Miguel

TechTree, November 18, 2008
Adobe Flash Not To Appear On iPhone
By Kunal Gangar

Trusted Reviews, November 18, 2008
Adobe Optimising Flash For Mobile In 2009: Hello iPhone
By Gordon Kelly

WindowsForDevices, November 17, 2008
Windows Mobile to get “desktop” Flash player?
By N/A

Ars Technica, November 17, 2008
Flash and AIR coming to ARM, but not necessarily iPhone
By David Chartier
Ars Technica, November 18, 2008
Adobe to close desktop-mobile Flash Player gap with ARM port
By Ryan Paul
Boy Genius Report, November 16, 2008
Adobe, ARM and Qualcomm Team up for Open Screen Project
By Marc Flores
Engadget Mobile, November 17, 2008
Finally, proper banner ads for Android: Flash demoed on a G1
By Chris Zeigler
FierceMobileContent, November 17, 2008
Adobe teams with ARM to optimize Flash for mobile
By Jason Ankemy
Gizmodo, November 17, 2008
Flash for Windows Mobile About to Leapfrog iPhone For No Good Reason
By John Herman
Gizmodo, November 18, 2008
Flash 10 on the Android G1: It’s Getting There
By Mark Wilson
jkontherun, November 17, 2008
Adobe to ARM mobile devices with Flash 10
By Kevin C. Tofel
jkOnTheRun, November 18, 2008
Flash 10 coming for almost every smartphone except iPhone
By James Kendrick
Mobile Crunch, November 16, 2008
Adobe To Demo Flash On Windows Mobile. Still “Working” On The iPhone.
By Erick Schonfeld
Silicon Alley Insider, November 17, 2008
Adobe ‘Working’ On Flash For iPhone, But ‘Really Up To Apple’
By Dan Frommer
VentureBeat, November 17, 2008
Kevin Lynch on bringing Flash to iPhone, Android and more
By Anthony Ha
VentureBeat, November 16, 2008
Chip designer ARM bringing Flash 10 to smartphones
By Anthony Ha
ZDNet, November 18, 2008
Flash coming for WiMo, Android, … iPhone?
By Ed Burnette
ZDNet UK, November 16, 2008
ARM takes on Intel with Adobe partnership
By David Meyer, November 17, 2008
Qualcomm serves up Brew SDK to developers
Android Community, November 17, 2008
Andy Ruben demos Flash on the G1; it wont be long now
By Shawn Brown
App Scout, November 17, 2008
Adobe Demoing Full Flash for Mobile
Apple Insider, November 17, 2008
Adobe shows ARM-ready Flash 10; Spansion names Apple in suit
By Adrian Malley
DbTechno, November 18, 2008
Adobe Is Set To Bring Flash To Mobile Phones, No iPhone
By N/A
DesktopLinux, November, 17 2008
Adobe unleashes 64-bit Flash
By Eric Brown
Electronista, November 17, 2008
Adobe Flash 10 to be ARM-optimized in 2009, November 17, 2008
Adobe and ARM to bring Flash to ARM-based devices
By Brian Osborne
I4U, November 18, 2008
Video of Adobe Flash 10 running on Android T-Mobile G1 Google Phone
by Luigi Lugmayr
IntoMobile, November 17, 2008
Adobe brings Flash to T-Mobile G1 – Android and Adobe Flash, together at last
By Will Park
The iPhone Blog, November 18, 2008
Flash ARMed to the MAX? Could the iPhone be Next?
By Rene Ritchie
MacNN, November 18, 2008
Apple likely to refuse Flash on iPhone?
By N/A
MobileBurn, November 17, 2008
ARM and Adobe working together for future mobile devices
By Ricky Cadden
PowerPage, November 17, 2008
Adobe, ARM Team Up to Optimize Flash Player 10, Adobe AIR for Mobile Devices
By Chris Barylick
ReadWriteWeb, November 17, 2008
Flash 10 for Mobile Devices
By Lidija Davis
Stuff.TV, November 18, 2008
Flash support for Google Android incoming
Tech Blorge, November 17, 2008
Adobe building mobile Flash, competing with Microsoft & Sun
By Matt Jansen
Tech Pulse 360, November 17, 2008
ARM Strikes Back At Intel With Efforts To Bring Flash And Linux To ARM Processors; Company Sees ARM-Based Netbooks In 2009
By Mark Boslet, November 17, 2008
ARM flexes web muscles with Flash move
By N/A

Here is a nice article on detecting a mobile device using a PHP code. I am sure a lot of developers would find it very useful.You can detect:

  • iPhone/iPod Touch
  • S60 Smartphones
  • Android Phones
  • Windows Mobile Phones

What else do you need ???

Follow the link: to read the full article and download the PHP code.