1)  Flash Lite has Shipped on Over Half a Billion Device – It was only a few years ago that Adobe was passing the 20 million unit shipped milestone and the 100 million mark was a much desirable number to reach but, its 500 million my friend. Its a very very impressive number. Flash Lite shipments have experienced 150% year over year growth and are now delivered on devices from every major handset manufacturer worldwide including Nokia, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and many others.

2) Microsoft Licenses Flash Lite 3 and Reader LE for Windows Mobile – Along with this, Adobe also announced that Microsoft has licensed both Flash Lite 3 and Reader LE for inclusion in Windows Mobile devices world wide. Under the terms of this agreement, Windows Mobile OEM’s will ship both Flash Lite 3 and Reader LE with their products world wide.  This is an important win for Adobe and for our developer community and is one more agreement that validates the demand for our technologies in the market.

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