In a recent survey by Strategy Analytics. There was a pretty exhaustive analysis done for the Flash-enabled handsets. The summary of this report says “Adobe’s Flash Lite technology has taken off rapidly in the last 18 months. Cumulatively, over 301 million FL devices, of which over 90% are cellphones, have been shipped since 2003. The base continues to strengthen in Japan, but in 2008 we will see shipments of Flash Lite-enabled cellphones in the rest of the Asia Pacific region and Western Europe exceed shipments in Japan for the first time since the launch of Flash Lite. A further 1.4 billion FL-enabled phones are expected to be shipped globally over the next three years alone, at which point over 46% of phones shipped are likely to support Flash Lite. This report gives a global forecast of the market for Flash Lite-enabled phones with detailed analysis of 23 countries, and splits by Flash Lite version, air interface and network operator.” Since this forecast analysis document is pretty huge so here is PDF which has some helpful data extracted from the same report which gives a Forecast by Region, Country and Version for Installed Base of Flash Lite Devices.