via unwiredview There should be well over 200 New mobile phones in 2008. That’s at least one new mobile phone model for every single working day.We already have indications that more then 100 new handsets will come from just 4 mobile players next year:

  • Samsung plans to launch at least 2 handsets per month, or at least 24 new phones next year (source: DigiTimes)
  • Nokia will have 30 new mobile phones in first half of 2008 (source: Reuters, via IntoMobile)
  • Asus will have 20-25 new handsets in 2008 (source Digitimes)
  • Motorola plans 30 new mobile phone models next year (source Digitimes)

(Unfortunately the original articles from both Reuters and Digitimes has disappeared behind the archives paywall and I’m not able to link directly to them. But I have made image clippings from most of them and can vouch for the accuracy of the reported figures)

So, that’s already over 100 new mobile phones promised from 3 major (Nokia, Samsung, Motorola) and one minor player (Asustek). And we did not even mention such biggies as Sony Ericsson, LG; major niche players like RIM Blackberry and HTC; or up’n’commmers like E-Ten, Gigabyte, BenQ Siemens, Pantech, etc.

So it is pretty safe predicting more than 200 mobile phones models for 2008.