An open discussion today on the Mobile Games Blog about the future of mobile gaming and Flash Lite. A few notable comments…

“Today, we want to know what you think about Flash Lite as a technology entering the market of the mobile phone. With Symbian distribution being hindered by locks on S60 3rd edition models, and flash being widely used by webdesigners, the market might face a radical change where a lot of freeware might hit consumer phones.

…[Anders Borg] As Flash Lite is only provided by one entity there’s a big chance implementations of Flash Lite will be considerably less fragmented than ditto for Java ME….I don’t look very positively at Sun’s open source intentions with Java ME (rather they should take over the responsibility for Java ME deliveries completely), as that will make it even more fragmented, and Flash Lite then has all possibilities to become the choice for graphics-intensive phone applications….

….[Kyle] The innovations occuring in Flash gaming are taking place rapidly while innovation in mobile gaming is as slow as can be. Perhaps opening up the market will foster a more competitive environment which will push the industry forward…

…[Pascal] The problems with flash lite will remain the same as it is with j2me: alot of home made content, and some of that “crap” is sold commercially scaring away buyers. I can only hope that it will open up new ways of selling content, and more awareness of content for phones, so that people will buy more and publishers/developers can sell their content easier (not losing revenue shares left and right)….

One of the more interesting conversations i’ve heard in a while–especially with the Java open source annoucement last week. There’s room for lots more comments so join in!