Living World UIMobile-review published today their thorough review of new Samsung D900 (it’s only in Russian for now, usually the English version follows shortly). The phone features so-called “Living World” UI with elements of live interface (apparently made using Adobe’s Flash Lite 2.0). First, what is shown on idle screen depends on the country you are in – in Moscow you’ll see a Kremlin wallpaper, Houses of Parliament wallpaper in London and so on. Also it depends on time of day: sunny sky wallpaper during daytime and dark sky and lighting in the evening.

But there’s more. Signal strength is connected to the sky condition. Good reception is represented by clear sky, poor reception by slowly moving heavy clouds. The pop-up messages for unread messages, missed calls and alarms have their own “live” representations that depend on time of day: a flying plane or a bird at daytime, shooting star and fireworks at night.

Nice move, Samsung!Images from Mobile-Review.